Posted by: thelobsterman | October 14, 2008

Where are the fish?

I’m beginning to think there’s a problem with the striped bass stocks. This year was terrible. Commercial bass fishermen couldn’t even find the stripers. I was fishing with live pogies for three straight days this past weekend and I didn’t catch one striped bass. I drifted them, trolled them, and used three way rigs, but no bass. I think the stocks aren’t as good as these so called scientists are saying. They’ve been wrong before. They were wrong about lobsters and they’re probably wrong now.

Posted by: thelobsterman | October 1, 2008


Nooooo. I can’t believe it’s October. I hate cold weather.

Posted by: thelobsterman | September 30, 2008

Too easy

I’m weird but sometimes I get mad when school is too easy. I studied really hard for this history test and when I took the test I realized my studying did nothing but further my knowledge on the subject because the test was an absolute joke. I wished the test was harder. Then I had a chemistry test that was so easy I finished it in a half hour. I could have taken it with my eyes closed. When did chemistry get easy? Even my small business class is stopping quizzes and we had a 20 minute class today and the next class will be 10 minutes long. Wait, wait how much do these classes cost?

Posted by: thelobsterman | September 28, 2008

Sundays at school

I can’t stand Sundays at school, they’re just no fun. No family, no great food and lots of homework. At home Sundays are a family day and it feels great, but here it’s usually just depressing and especially when it’s raining out.

Posted by: thelobsterman | September 22, 2008

1 million dollars

Today I found out that a high school friend of mine won 1 million dollars on a scratch ticket. It’s pretty crazy and I can’t say I know of anyone else who has won that kind of money. It really makes you think when something like that happens to someone you know. I don’t envy the money, but I do wish I had the money to pursue what ever I wanted in life. If I had that money I’d buy a boat and start my business. However, maybe I wouldn’t appreciate things as much since it was handed to me and I believe hardwork teaches us the most lessons in life. How could you appreciate something that was just given to you. There’s a different feeling in life when you work real hard at something and achieve it. It’s the best feeling in the world. It’s true accomplishment. That’s what I want. In true accomplishment there is no easy path.

Posted by: thelobsterman | September 18, 2008

class is cancelled

My Friday class got cancelled so I came home in hopes of lobstering the next day. The wind looks bad so it’s basically a crap shoot whether I get out or not. I got my fingers crossed

Posted by: thelobsterman | September 17, 2008

The Alaskan

I started building an Alaskan Skiff my senior year of highschool and I finally finished it at the end of the summer. It was the biggest project my brother and I have ever undertaken. The boat is epoxy over marine grade plywood. It’s 20 feet long with a 7 foot beam. I put a Yamaha 70 horse on the back of her and she can do a max of 29 knots. It was the greatest feeling in the world when the boat finally hit the water. I wouldn’t even know how to describe the feeling.

Posted by: thelobsterman | September 17, 2008

new hobby….ahhh yesss

This summer I got into surfing, loved it. Once you ride that first decent wave it’s the greatest feeling in the world. I honestly thought about what it would be like to be a surfing bum. I’d just move to Hawaii and live on the beach. I’d be just livin.’ Well this isn’t exactly me but its fun to think about.

-That’s not me but it’d be cool if it was.

Posted by: thelobsterman | September 15, 2008

You gotta see it before you buy it

I’ve been thinkng a lot about starting a seafood distributing company since I’m making a business plan for it in my class. I need to think of innovative ideas and I came up with one. When people buy seafood, especially lobsters they like to see it. You have to pick out your lobster or its no fun, right? Well I’m going to allow online customers to pick their seafood out from the internet. Through web cams it would be easy for people to pick out the lobster they want. I haven’t seen this feature on any online lobster company. Hopefully, nobody steals my idea.

Posted by: thelobsterman | September 15, 2008

no drive

I’m finding that I have zero drive for this semester. This semester won’t be challenging, won’t be interesting and it won’t be fun. I went lobstering on Saturday. Traps were pretty empty seeing as they had been sitting for 2 weeks. Hopefully, when I haul them next they’ll be full. I’m going out lobstering on Friday, can’t wait!

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